Are you confused that:
“Even after sincerely doing everything your spiritual gurus asked and taught you to do, why are you not happy? Why are you not experiencing any inner peace and fulfilment?”

This might be the most blunt and shocking post you would ever read. Because no lollipop guru is ever going to tell you this as bluntly as I am going to tell you today.

If you are the disciple (Arjuna) that has come to your spiritual guru after running away from your circumstances (your Kurukshetra), then of course how can you have peace? As Lord Krishna (Arjuna’s spiritual advisor & guru) explained to Arjuna in ‘Bhagawad Gita’, peace comes after Kurukshetra. After you overcome your circumstances and win your daily battles, then only you can experience peace.

If you are afraid of the Cross, it’s obvious that you can never incarnate your Christ.

If you are afraid of facing Mara and his three daughters, then it’s obvious that you can never become a Buddha.

This whole new age evolutionary movement has created a big lie and illusion about the spiritual journey. And the Indian lollipop spiritual gurus are equally responsible for creating many fallacies about the spiritual path in not only Indian minds but, they polluted the western minds as well. 

Spiritual journey is not about running away from our circumstances, from our daily fights, but facing them and winning them as per the divine laws. Spiritual journey is not about running away from adharma (vices), but overcoming them. 

The truth is spiritual journey is full of trial (tests) and tribulations (annoying, frustrating and catastrophic events) meant to test the spiritual initiate at every step, and anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar.

Being Spiritual does not mean living in an ashram, shunning material life. Being spiritual means to live life fully but as per Dharma (divine laws; the Commandments of God).

You have to understand that eternal peace and happiness are the final prize of this journey but, they are won after many battles. No one can have eternal peace and happiness on this plane, on earth. Only in Nirvana, one can have eternal peace and happiness. And nirvana is won after many battles, trials and tribulations.

It’s not a path for weak people who run away at the first sight of difficulty or for the one who is looking for an easy way. 

If it was so, Lord Krishna would have never left Gokul (his childhood home) and Lord Rama would not have gone to the forest (vanvas) leaving his kingdom behind.

Lord Buddha overcame Mara, Lord Christ overcame Satan in the desert when he was fasting there for 40 days, Lord Krishna overcame Kansa, Lord Rama overcame Ravana.

To gain Nirvana, we have to fight and win our daily battles within and without. 

But what do most spiritual aspirants or seekers do? The moment they have to face themselves – their Mara, Satan, Kansa, Kurukshetra or Ravana; they run away. 

And they keep changing spiritual gurus and spiritual organisations, hoping one day to find a way to find peace without facing their Mara, Satan, Kansa, Kurukshetra or Ravana. 

Let me tell you dear seeker, there is no such way. Stop running, stop fooling around, come home and face your Mara, Satan, Kansa, Kurukshetra or Ravana. Otherwise, life after life you will keep searching, keep running like the deer in search for the musk, but you will never find it.

One thing I have learned after more than 23 years on the path, it’s not a 100 metre dash, it’s a marathon and in a marathon only those win who keep running without stopping and without changing directions or goals. It’s a path for the tortoise not for the hare. On this path you need the tenacity and steadfastness of the tortoise to win. And the winners take the prize of eternal peace and happiness.

If you want continuous support and guidance in your spiritual journey to win your daily battles and overcome your difficult circumstances, join GOD YOGA today.

To your peace, happiness and fulfilment….

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