What They Don’t Teach You In School & College Can Sabotage Your Happiness & Derail Your Success Train At Any Point In Life​

Only IQ is not enough to be happy & successful in your life! You need to be competent and proficient in all these:

Mind (Intelligence Quotient)
Love (Love Quotient)
Relationships (Emotional Quotient)
Communication (Verbal Quotient)
Vocation & Profession (Vocational Quotient)
Health (Health Quotient) 
Spiritual (Spiritual Quotient)
Money (Financial Quotient)
Leadership (Leadership Quotient)

Mind (Intelligence Quotient)
We all think. But most of it is negative and destructive. Many overthink and are tired of their thoughts. But if used positively and constructively, your thoughts and mind can be a wish fulfilling genie.

Money (Financial Quotient):
All want it. The only problem is that most want it quickly and easily. Moreover, only a few have the financial intelligence to create wealth out of their income. Many in spite of their enormous pay packages live on credit card debt. 

Communication (Verbal Quotient):
Most people think they speak so well. The only problem is the people don’t listen well. Well, that’s the only truth they know that most people don’t listen well including themselves. Nor, they know how to communicate their point respectfully and persuasively so that it reaches others.

Health (Health Quotient):
If you would become more aware, know yourself more deeply, understand your psyche and practice the 5 Parallel Levels of Perfect Health; you would never need a doctor or shrink your whole life. 

Spiritual (Spiritual Quotient):
If you would become one with God, realize your Human and God Potential, you would attain eternal peace and happiness.

Love (Love Quotient):
Hey, what’s there to learn about “love”? That’s the attitude of most common people. And that’s why most people never know “How to Love” and are bereft of feeling the ecstasy of “True Love” whole their lives. And end up being resentful and averse to love as they grow old.

Relationships (Emotional Quotient):
Most people think they already are experts in handling their relationships. And that’s why most people end up with entangled and toxic relationships in their lives.

Vocation & Profession (Vocational Quotient):
Of course, the school and colleges train you in this department of your life quite well. But do you think in today’s world where most companies launch a new model of their flagship phone every six months, you can rely on what you have learned in your college or just the training provided by your company to stay ahead of competition? No way! You must keep learning and growing your knowledge, skills and experience in your profession to stay ahead.

Leadership (Leadership Quotient):
Whether it comes to parenting or being a manager, you will always need to lead people. But without being a competent leader you will fail miserably to handle either your kids or that promotion that you always wanted but never got because of lack of leadership skills.

Why not self-evaluate: Ask yourself, In each competency, what’s my Competence/Mastery level?:
1. Novice
2. Advanced Beginner
3. Competent
4. Proficient
5. Expert

Here’s a Competence Cross of a Successful but Unhappy Person:

Here’s a Competence Cross of a Happy but Unsuccessful Person:

Here’s a Competence Cross of an Enlightened Person, Successful, Happy & Fulfilled.

The truth is most people are just OK in some competencies, and a total disaster in others. 

The bad news is that a lack of competence in even one can come to haunt you and sabotage your success & happiness at any point in your life.

The good news is “Anybody can learn & grow in all of these areas at any point in their lives. It’s an inner potential waiting to be realized in all human beings.”

Hakuna Matata, we’ve got you covered.

Join  LIFE.UNIVERSITY now and start on a journey of learning and growth to become an expert in all the competencies.

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