Why Religion?

What It Means To Be Truly Religious?

The word ‘Religion’ comes from the Greek word: “Religare”.

‘Religare’ literally means: ‘to come back’. 

Really! “To come back”. Are you shocked? 

Yes, Religion literally means – to come back.

Then, why the hell everybody is fighting in the name of religion. If we understand it more deeply, one’s Religion or any Religion for that matter is just ‘a way to come back to one’s divine spiritual roots’, a way to come back to God. 

How absurd are all the fights?

Master Samael Aun Weor said: “All religions are pearls in the necklace of Buddha”. 
And we are not referring to Gautam Buddha, but Buddha as a spiritual title, which is attained after attaining a certain spiritual level.

Whenever a new religion starts, a new way of understanding the way to come back to God, to our divine spiritual roots, there is “Gnosis” in it.

Gnosis‘ is another Greek word, which means: Objective knowledge, or inner knowing. Gnosis is Dharma, Gnosis is Gyan – Jnana. In the beginning every religion has ‘Gnosis’. They know – The Secret Runway to God. 

But with time, after the departure of the founder, the prophet or the saviour, or as in India we call him the avatar; the ‘Gnosis’ is lost. The objectivity is lost, and is replaced by subjectivity, fanaticism and blind beliefs. 

Then, definitely it’s time for a new avatar, new prophet or saviour to bring ‘Gnosis’ back, to bring back the objectivity, to earning Dharma back, to reveal “The Secret Runway to God” once again.

Gnosis is founded on four pillars: Art, Science, Philosophy and Mysticism.

Thus, to be truly religious means to understand and follow one’s religion’s art, science, philosophy and mysticism. Whatever religion you may choose to follow.

A true Hindu is better than a fanatic Christian/Muslim/Sikh/Buddhist/Jain/Jew/Parsi in the eyes of God. Similarly, a true Christian is better than a fanatic Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Buddhist/Jain/Jew/Parsi in the eyes of God. And so on.

When somebody ask me: “What is your religion?”, in the name of truth I say, “Although I am born a Jain, I love the art, science, philosophy and mysticism of all major religions. I love the Hindu Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Yoga & Jain Shastras, the Buddhist Sutras, the Hindu bhajans and mantras, I love the Koran, the Muslim ajaan and namaz, Sufi music and the dancing dervishes, I love the Bible, the Christian mass and Christmas carols, I love the Sikh gurubani, I love the Jew holy books “Torah” and “Zohar-Kaballah”, I love the Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Tibetan, Taoist and Zen mysteries, and so on.

Of course the questioner is a bit shocked at times. Then I ask him, if you are a businessman, would you refuse dollars, yen, dinar or euro and say I will only accept the Indian rupee? Of course not.

As a businessman, you want to earn money, whichever currency it might be. Similarly, I reply, being spiritual, I want gnosis, I want the art, science, philosophy and mysticism of coming back to my God, my divinity. So wherever, I find gnosis, I accept it. Whether that gnosis comes from Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Sikhs or Jains.

Do you understand the “Gnosis” of your religion? Do you understand and follow the art, science, philosophy and mysticism of your religion? If not, please join our free course: “GOD YOGA

To the “Gnosis” of your religion…..

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