And Why Neither Chicken Soup Nor Selling Your Ferrari Would Give You Any Lasting Happiness

The materialist say, “Get more money, buy more things, you will be happy”.

Spiritualists say, “Leave all money and luxuries, sell your Ferraris and then you will be happy”.

So who is right?

Now, the rich are questioning the materialists that, nope despite having all the luxuries we are still unhappy!

And the poor are questioning the spiritualists that, having nothing is also not making us happy!

Dr. Amit Jain Reveals The Simple Answer To The Unhappiness Syndrome In His New Expose…

“Success is Illusory

Happiness is Real”

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“This report is a true reflection of today’s struggle of a common person at all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The report defines the problem, its causes, proposed solution and above all gives the power to the person to change the outcome in the desired way. This is not just a report, its a way of looking at things from a higher perspective and living with refined standards.

While reading, you will find answers to the existential questions, the answers of which we are always in search of. Questions like- when will our struggle for money, quality family life, disease, stress, boredom, fear of rejection etc etc end? ..But you see life keeps slipping out of our hands with each passing day without giving us answers to overcome this state of helplessness/hollowness.

I am already practising the solutions suggested in this report for quite sometime now and found them really effective, deep and scientific. I am feeling some natural improvements in myself: feeling free of controls, self fulfilment and consciousness of a higher purpose of life.”

Abhishek Agarwal, a banker

“How To Turn Your Confused, Repressed, Insecure, Fear Based, Emotionally And Spiritually Bankrupt, Rat-Race Driven, Stressed Life To A Life Filled With Clarity, Purpose, Real Love, Genuine Happiness And Everlasting Peace…

  • Stop needless struggling…

  • Solve persistent problems…

  • Triumph over adversity…

  • Boost your energy levels…

  • Create the happiness, joy, love and enlightenment that you desire and deserve…

In this unusual expose… Dr Amit Jain blew away everyone by revealing this one startling fact…

In spite of all our success, we are unhappy inside.

In spite of all our material prosperity and wealth, we are empty inside. While our outer wealth is increasing, we are becoming more and more emotionally and spiritually bankrupt.

In spite of all the security systems and alarms, we live in constant anxieties and fears. Fears of terror attacks, fear of future, fear of losing our loved ones, fear of death, fear of loneliness, fear of failure, etc. etc.

In spite of umpteen physical, emotional and mental pleasures, we reek in all kinds of diseases, pains and delusions. Most of our pleasurable nights end in terrible hangovers in the morning.

The secret to happiness is not increasing your success…

“Going through the report was an eye opening experience to me because I have always been unhappy and after reading this report I came to know the reason of my unhappiness. This report reminded me that I had the power within myself. I have read this report many times and each time going through it something positive happened inside me. Most of us are very much stressed in our lives. We want success and happiness, and many of us are working 24/7 for this. We have no time for our families. We have umpteen health problems. And we all think that with time every thing will be fine and we will live peacefully but that time never comes. So I tell you all, please listen to me and go through this report. This report will change your perspective towards your life. This report is the key of solutions to all our problems in life. This report is a summary of all our problems and their solutions. This report gives you solutions to ‘Why you are not getting success, why you are unhappy?’ This report contains the secret of finding happiness in life. What’s more your life will get the right direction as I have found. I am really very grateful and thankful from the bottom of my heart for having read this report.”

Rashmi Kasera, a spiritual seeker

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If you’ve ever struggled with self-doubt over the right steps to take in your life…

If you’ve ever felt helpless watching your personal, professional or social life take ugly turns…

If you’ve ever sat up late at night and asked yourself “what the hell’s wrong with me?”

Then I urge you to get this expose now…

Because I’m going to show you what’s behind your struggles… your failures… and all your unhappiness.

Then I’m going to show you how you can immediately…

  • Get clear on the essential things you need to get the happiness you really want…

  • Break through virtually any sticking points holding you and your happiness back…

  • Re-ignite the enthusiasm you once had for your life…

  • Eliminate the constant distraction of “multiple desires” and become focused on achieving your true purpose…

  • And watch your happiness grow bigger and bigger without sacrificing your success…

“It seemed a lengthy report at the start but once I started reading the report, I could not figure out whether I was reading so fast or the pages were short. The language is so simple that I was able to understand it in one go. The concept of wheel of happiness has broaden my perspective towards life and the different means through which we can achieve happiness. I specially, liked: “Your wheel of happiness is as strong as its weakest spoke” as it was new for me to know that one can’t remain happy just by following some means of happiness and understood the need of developing and balancing all the means. It was an eye opener for me when I read weakness is sin. We have a whole powerhouse stored in us, then how could we be weak. The example of a samaritan and fruit vendor was awesome.

To be happy we create certain goals in our life. On the way to accomplish those goals we forget what is our ultimate destination (i.e. to be happy). We get trapped in the vicious circle of the goal and keep on postponing (never caring) about our happiness. The worst part here is that we do not even realise that we are leading our life unhappily and mechanically. Have we ever questioned ourselves that why even after earning so much money and fame we still remain unhappy.

We remain unhappy because of our ignorance of the fact that Happiness is not guided by one or two factors, it is a product of 10 factors. To know more about these ten factors and how to achieve them please read this report. I can guarantee you that the time invested by you in reading this report will be the best investment you have ever made.”

Shrey Mittal, a book publisher

Discover the one thing that’ll finally make your happiness exceed your success!

“Success is Illusory

Happiness is Real”

Get Yours Now… For FREE!

“I came across this wonderful report giving new insight to see ourself and challenging our existing lenses to see the world, within and around us. These are hard times and we all need inner peace and inner power to strengthen ourselves and balance ourselves to lead a better life. When you will read this report you will get the answers of your unanswered questions which one does asks, whenever, one is stressed from life – the “WHY ME” syndrome.

All of us are running after some myths in life, but these myths only disturbs us and waste our precious time. This report shows light to the myths we carry in our life. In this report, you will also know a new definition of LOVE which you must have never known earlier. You will come across different aspects of life from a different angle. Happy reading…”

Nikita, a homemaker

“Achieving real happiness isn’t far now. For the first time ever in my life after reading this report I have felt so balanced just by imagining that how wonderful it would be to achieve happiness by balancing all the aspects of the wheel discussed in this report. I have already experienced how easy life gets when we do this. And I am experiencing how tough it gets when it’s not.

I don’t get to see anyone having the perfect balance in life. Each and every individual, as said in the report is based on just 2 or 3 aspects and other missing aspects make the life very disturbing. My recommendation to whoever is reading is that we have wasted so many years running after things which we thought that will make us happy. Till today we aren’t happy. So read this report, this report teaches the art to achieve real happiness.

This report has left a sense of security, a sense of wellbeing, a feeling which I am not able to share. Suddenly after reading this report everything sounds so balanced and crystal clear. No confusion, no doubt, no opposition to anything existing in this world. This has happened for the very first time to me.

Dr. Amit Jain, thank you once again for your hard work for making us look and live the life in such a simple way. The topic of life which is the most difficult to understand for most, with this report its going to get easy, I am sure like me others will feel the same. I am excited for it and would be reading this report again and reflecting more. Thank you!”

Karan Kohli, a fitness expert

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