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Reminiscences of a Retreat with Gurudev Dr. Amit Jain

Misty Mountains June 2011 Himalayan Retreat ~ The Conscious Warrior Bootcamp

by Shoneeka Ghai

Spiritual Retreat 2011-1

‘Heavenly’ is the word to describe it. And amongst the beautifully landscaped resort, we could see Gurudev and Monika Maam waiting to receive us. Alas, we were home. We all retired to our beautiful rooms early that night. Wondering what the coming days would bring, we dozed off.

Spiritual Retreat 2011-1

Next morning I woke without an alarm to a bright sunny morning. I thought we were late for the exercise-meet. But to my surprise, it was just 5.30 am. And sun was smiling generously.

Spiritual Retreat 2011-3

Later we met for exercises.

Spiritual Retreat 2011-4

We indulged in some stretching and a 15 minute power-packed exercises for the fountain of youth. Those 15 minutes were more powerful than age old ‘tiger-balm’. Our joints opened up magically.

Spiritual Retreat 2011-5

After that we invoked the divine mother through other mystical practices. The energy I felt that day was immense. Felt a deep connection with the divine. So the day begun with a lovely spread of breakfast.

After that we joined Sir for a lecture. Some self evaluation.  Followed by meditation and inner work. And then later in the day, we played musical chairs and dog and the bone. The most amusing part was watching everyone, how just a small game brings out the child in us. After the Motor Brain was well activated, we all were called for a surprise. It was the evening to evoke the divine mother. We all danced to devotional songs in praise of the devi, the mother. The blessings from her could be felt as I had tears of joy in my eyes. It was holy. We wrapped the evening with blissful chants.

Spiritual Retreat 2011-6

Spiritual Retreat 2011-7

Spiritual Retreat 2011-8

Spiritual Retreat 2011-9

We were on a no-break schedule but even at 10.30 pm we felt fresh. Well, I must admit with Amit Sir, at every trip it’s like that. Sometimes our day starts at 5am and ends at 12am without a break. The secret of course is that we use all the three brains in a balanced way.

Spiritual Retreat 2011-10

Spiritual Retreat 2011-11

Next day also lots of surprises were waiting for us. The knowledge, the mystical practices, an amazing movie followed by French fries and a bonfire. Could we ask for more! A lot of us were meeting each other for the first time, but it never felt like that. We danced to the all time hits and played the game of ultimate confusion, “Chinese Whispers”.  The most amusing word which was passed around was, “hully bully chully”. We laughed so much that by the end of it my cheeks began to hurt.

Spiritual Retreat 2011-12

Spiritual Retreat 2011-14

Spiritual Retreat 2011-15

Spiritual Retreat 2011-16

Spiritual Retreat 2011-18

Spiritual Retreat 2011-19

Spiritual Retreat 2011-20

Spiritual Retreat 2011-21

Spiritual Retreat 2011-22

Spiritual Retreat 2011-23

Spiritual Retreat 2011-24

Spiritual Retreat 2011-25

Spiritual Retreat 2011-26

Spiritual Retreat 2011-27

Spiritual Retreat 2011-28

Spiritual Retreat 2011-29

Spiritual Retreat 2011-30

Spiritual Retreat 2011-31

Spiritual Retreat 2011-32

Spiritual Retreat 2011-33

Spiritual Retreat 2011-34

Spiritual Retreat 2011-35

Spiritual Retreat 2011-36

Spiritual Retreat 2011-37

Spiritual Retreat 2011-38

Spiritual Retreat 2011-39

Next day was our last one at the Retreat. Had to be special. By the evening we all turned into Dancing Dervishes. It was the grand finale, the Sufi Night. Our hearts illuminated with Sufi Qawwalis. With Turkish Caps covering our crowns, we danced in joy. We were high in line with our Inner Fathers drunk in heavenly nectars. The Sufi music echoed in the hall. If I close my eyes even now I can still hear the enchanting echo. It touched me so deeply. Thanks to the divinity for the cosmic union. I’m going to cherish this retreat for life. I could see many felt the ecstatic devotion I felt that evening.  We said our ‘good nights’ on an emotional note. It was our last night there.

Spiritual Retreat 2011-40

Spiritual Retreat 2011-41

Spiritual Retreat 2011-42

Spiritual Retreat 2011-43

Spiritual Retreat 2011-44

Spiritual Retreat 2011-45

Spiritual Retreat 2011-46

Spiritual Retreat 2011-47

Spiritual Retreat 2011-48

Spiritual Retreat 2011-49

I too left with words of a great Sufi poet Rumi running through my mind, “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”


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