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Schools are the most important pillars of a civilised society after families. Think about it, a person spends 14 years of his or her most formative years in a school. A school has his or her audience for all this period. Moreover, the students and parents respect the authority of the school and its teachers. And that authority gives immense powers to the school and teachers to shape the minds and destinies of its pupils. It can shape the future of this world.  

A school can breed Einsteins, Edisons, Lincolns, Gandhis, Mandelas, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Buddhas, Paramhansas, Mother Teresas, Michael Jordans, Peles, Tendulkars, Shakespeares, Spielbergs, Socrates, and what not! A Lata Mangeshkar, an A R Rehman, a Bacchan, a Leonardo Da Vinci, a Ravi Shivshankar, a Yeats, a Kishore Kumar, a Zakir Hussain, a Mozart, a Beethoven, a Prabhu Deva, a Michael Baryshnikov, a Shamak Dawar, a Prannoy Roy, an Ernest Hemingway, a Barkha Dutt  – dancers, singers, choreographers, cricketers, golfers, footballers, scientists, writers, poets, painters, entrepreneurs, social workers, revolutionaries, peacemakers, yogis, leaders, astronauts, teachers, philosophers, architects, event organisers, designers, journalists, economists, marketers and yes, doctors, engineers, bankers, accountants and managers too.

Imagine what potential lies within the walls of a school!

Enlightened School

Enlightened Management

Enlightened Teachers

Enlightened Students

Enlightened Parents

4 Pillars of an Enlightened School


An Enlightened School stands on 4 Pillars.

Enlightened Management     Enlightened Teachers     Enlightened Students    Enlightened Parents

A child is under the complete influence of his or her parents and teachers for the first 15 years of his or her life. Only when they fail him or her, then and only then a child or a teenager starts looking towards his or her peers. That’s a hard truth. Thus, both the parents and teachers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. 

Both for the parents and the teachers, the most important thing is how to keep aside their personal lives, prejudices and stress while being true to their role as a parent or a teacher. Being objective and being available is the biggest challenge a parent and teacher faces. Because both the roles are one of the most demanding of all. But these two roles are so important and critical that one major mistake can mar or scar a child’s life forever. That is why it is so important that parents and teachers learn to manage their stress, tensions, pressures and prejudices. That’s where CFEL comes into the picture with its enlightening online programs for parents and teachers. We help them become more objective and psychologically competent to handle and balance their personal, social and professional lives as well as their roles as parents or teachers.

Today, in this fast changing world, our teens are facing ever increasing pressures. On one side they have to grapple with their sexuality, peers, studies, sports, music, dance, social media, relatives, ever increasing vocational choices, school exams and entrance exams; on the other side is the pressure they face from parents and teachers.

And the fact is that most of the time neither the parents, nor the teachers have the time and answers for the challenges a teen faces on a daily basis. That is why they turn to their ignorant peers and luring internet. Do you want this?

Here enters CFEL with its online courses and support. On one side we have all the knowledge, tips and tricks in our courses to make a teenager succeed and thrive not just in school, or his or her chosen vocation, but in life too. Our counsellors and community are there to support and answer any questions they may have related to any issue they may face in their life in a safe and secure environment.

Email us today to know how to make your school an Enlightened School.

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