Respect (सम्मान)


Sammaan (सम्मान)
सम्मान दे, सम्मान ले

From Victimhood to Selfhood

Live with RESPECT (सम्मान).
Respect = सम्मान = सम् + मान = Equal Value


RESPECT = Equal Value = Value others as much as you value yourself.
But, this means that you can only value others that much that you value yourself. Because, one can only give that much that one has.

Thus, Respect starts with Self


First SELF RESPECT (you are a divine being of light, love and power)


Respect Your Body (Addictions means Self-Abuse)


Respect Your Life (strive to realize your inner potential)


Respect Others’ Free Will (stop trying to control others)


Respect Your Spouse (infidelity is one way of disrespecting your spouse)


Respect Your Parents and Children 


Respect Your Work (How can you disrespect your work and still think of growing professionally and financially?)


Respect Your Employers and Clients (They are the source of your financial income, Cheating is one form of disrespect)


Respect Your Society (cleanliness and social norms)


Respect Your Country (environment, tax and other laws)


Respect Humanity – Your Fellow Beings 


Respect Your Sangha – the Social/Spiritual Group you belong to  


Respect Your Guru – Your Teachers and Mentors 


And above all Respect God and Your Own Divinity

Now think, how can a person who RESPECTS all the above be poor or weak. It’s not possible.

If you are poor, you need to understand that “Poverty is an Ego”.

Look around, look within, you will find that almost all poor and weak people are low on “SELF RESPECT” and thus low on all the above counts.

Victimhood: existence as a dependent, abused, misused ignorant victim 

Selfhood: existence as an independent conscious human being

ज्ञान सम्मान की चाबी है। Knowledge is the key to Self-Respect.

When you live with a victim mentality, you live a poor and weak existence.

When you strive to educate yourself, gain knowledge, you can exist as an independent conscious human being.

It all starts with Respecting yourself. Knowing that you have a lot of inner power, only if you would realize your inner God Potential.

The Cosmo-Autoegocratic Law:
“हर बड़ी मछली छोटी मछली को खा जाती है” “Big Fish eats small fish”

So if you want to survive, either be a big fish or a smart fish.
It’s better to be the Biggest Fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big ocean.

You can only become a Big Fish or a Smart Fish through Knowledge.

Join GOD YOGA today.

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