If there is less salt in a dish, it doesn’t taste so good. If you put more than necessary, the dish becomes poison. If you put too much pepper, again the dish doesn’t taste good, nor if there is too little pepper. 

Now, salt is so necessary, isn’t it? But if you put a lot of it in your kheer, a sweet dish, or you mix a lot of it in your chocolate milk, you won’t be able to eat or drink either. 

A dish becomes good if everything in it is in balance. A meal becomes good if it is balanced in protein, carbs and vitamins, etc.

In life also, one needs balance. Food is good, music is good, work is good, sex is good, rest is good, holidays are good, prayer is good, virtues are good; but everything in moderation.

Moreover everything in its right time and right place. Otherwise it would be like putting salt in the chocolate milk. 

A toothbrush on the dressing table is as out of place as a toilet brush in kitchen. Yes, having sex on the dining table may seem rebellious and give you a kick in your pants, but it is as out of place as having a photo of your deity in your toilet.

Life becomes good when everything in it is in balance and everything is in its right place and at the right time.

The one who makes money his God is as out of balance as the one who hates money.

The one who treats sex as entertainment is as out of balance as the one who thinks sex is sin.

The one who works too much and forgets his family is as out of balance as the one who ignores his work and worry too much about his family.

One who does not exercise his body is as out of balance as the one who over-works his body.

The person who sets his priorities right and practices moderation is the one who ultimately comes out a winner.

Live with moderation, you will live a more tasty and long life. Bon appetite.

To your health, harmony and happiness….

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