GOD YOGA course is divided in 10 levels. 

The first 6 levels can be taken online and also live in a 3 days intensive workshop.

The rest 4 levels are advanced levels which are exclusively offered “By Inivitation” only, given in 5-7 days Residential Retreats. 

Here is a glimpse of what is inside the first 6 levels:

  • The Most Important Factor Affecting the Quality & Quantity of Your Life
  • Which servant of yours has become your master turning your life into a struggle? How to regain mastership over this errant servant, thus regaining mastery over your life?
  • What is Meditation? Dhyana ~ The 7th Step. How to Meditate easily and deeply?
  • How to Transform anything that bugs You! Learn how to neutralize the poison in your life and charge ahead.
  • Why do some of us have so many negative thoughts? Or Anger? Discover how to transform negative thoughts.
  • What is the root cause of suffering and pain? Why do you feel so helpless and depressed at times? How can you overcome it?
  • The One and Only way to achieve Real and Permanent PEACE. The MEDITATION for Inner Transformation. How to heal the past! Learn how to conquer the inner roadblocks on the path to success, peace and happiness.
  • How to live a life in proper balance of Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha, and achieving the peace that comes with enlightenment.
  • Which bank gives an instant secure 2000% return on your investments? You can laugh at financial worries if you follow this simple plan. The Secret of easily getting what you want in life exposed!
  • Find answers to the ultimate questions of life. Who are you? Why are you living? What are you doing on this planet? What is the purpose of your life?
  • Why even when you are awake, you are sleeping? And why only a Buddha is called the awakened one? How you can become the awakened one, a Buddha!
  • The Magic of Runes – simple practices to download great Cosmic energies to feed your Soul.
  • Is death an end? Where do we go after death? What exactly happens to us when we die? Discover the two paths to liberate ourselves from the endless cycles of death and birth.
  • The secret energy centers inside you that govern different qualities like leadership, wisdom, love, strength, communication skills, creativity, intelligence and income and wealth generation ability. How to activate, energize and develop these energy centers?
  • Why Brahmcharya (chastity) is not celibacy? Why Lord Krishna is a Brahmchari (absolute chaste) in spite of having a thousand wives? How you can enjoy the absolute powers of a Brahmchari like Lord Krishna without being a celibate?
  • What is the Yoga of love? Why do we confuse lust with love? How to know love? Why over time what you thought as love vanishes from your marriage or relationship? What is the secret of an ‘Everlasting Honeymoon’?
  • What is the elixir of long life?
  • Discover the septenary cycle of planets that governs our whole life from birth till death. How the knowledge of this cycle can help you take maximum advantage of these cycles through the various stages of your life?
  • Uncover the ‘Fountain of Youth’ Tibetan rites– the secret of an ever youthful body.
  • The 8 Principles of Enlightened Living that can raise your life to a higher scale.
  • Why you should know about the four different types of Spiritual schools that exist in this world? How famous lollipop gurus teach you short term effective asanas, pranayams and kriyas that are devastating for you in the long run.

Level 1


Oh, man, know yourself and you shall know the Universe and the Gods!

In spite of all the scientific discoveries how little the modern man knows about himself, his mind and how the universe works. Meditation is a scientific method to awaken the most powerful areas of the human psyche. Meditation happens when one is prepared. The “DISCOVERY” level prepares you for Meditation. It uncovers the secrets of your Mind for you, so that you can become conscious of your own powers. So that you can know and follow the real purpose of your life. This is what you will learn in this level:

Session 1: The 4 Main Aims of Life  – Dharma, Artha (Money), Kama (Sex) and Moksha

  • What is Dharma? What is Dharmasankat? How to choose between two Dharmas when in a fix?

  • What is the relation between Dharma & Karma? Why do we get pain & suffering?

  • Understand how we keep on sacrificing the higher Dharma for lower Dharmas and incur negative Karma.

  • Learn how by fulfilling the first three aims, you can achieve the fourth aim which is Self Realization. The ultimate aim of human life.

Sheila Medado (Student):

The lesson was of great importance for me to know about living a life in proper balance of dharma, artha, kama, & moksha and the peace that comes in achieving enlightenment.

Ruben Salangsang (Student):

Sir, the four (4) pillars of life is the true master keys to reach the path of enlightenment/ thank you for sharing this treasures with us.

Nikhil Chitore (Student):

Dear Amit Sir, the contents of this session are a real eye opener…
Many like me and other common people would surely benifit from it…

David Moriarty (Student):

I really enjoyed this session, you made perfect sense to me. When I reflected on things that have happened in my life so far, your teachings made even more sense. 

Session 2: Who are YOU? Why are you born?  – The Matrix Exposed – How to Self Realize

  • Find answers to the ultimate questions of life. Who are you? Why are you living? What are you doing on this planet? What is the purpose of your life?

  • Know about the ultimate goal of your life according to the Laws of Dharma. What is Self realization? Understand why is there a need to SELF REALIZE?

  • Understand the Wheel of Samsara. Discover the two laws that keep you trapped in the Wheel of Samsara, the tragic wheel of life and death. The Law of Evolution & the law of involution.

  • Break free from this tragic wheel of life and death. Learn about the quickest and direct path to Self realization. Learn about the path of Revolution of Consciousness.

  • How to make a Revolution of Consciousness? What are the three factors that help you attain the Inner Self-Realization of the Being?

  • How and why is it important to attain the Second Birth? What is the easy way to clear our Karma?
  • How to become perfect beings and achieve Moksha/Enlightenment?

Session 3: Your Inner Leela: The Psycho-Physical Inter Play of the 5 Centers & 3 Brains of the Human Technology

  • The most amazing revelation about yourself – you have been made to think that you only have 1 Brain – wait till you discover 2 more brains in your body – and how a balanced use of all 3 can make you a master of your mind, emotions and body …

  • What is the root cause of incompatibilities between you and your spouse or girl/boy friend – and how this simple knowledge of your 3 Brains can help you understand each other clearly – well most of the times …

  • Why following the 1 Brain theory is a sure shot way to worry, stress, depression, an unhappy marriage, premature ageing and chronic diseases …

  • The shocking truth about “why we age” nobody else can tell you …

  • How the imbalanced use of the 3 Brains is the main cause of all stress, anxiety and tension in your life … and what you can do to balance them … and how to maintain this balance for continuous peace and clarity …

Lucinda Laws (Student):

I knew when I got ill with what they call an incurable disease that I had gotten lost inside myself. I knew there were answers and I received answers here and clarity through this lesson. I know that I am now on my way to breaking free and I believe that not only will I be cured but my life will be enhanced. Thank you!

Parmanand Singh (Student):

The three brain Centres are really an eye opener. Although this was experienced by me so many times but was not knowing the reason for that. Now it is clearly understood why there was some whirling action in the stomach while handling some situation.

Peta-Anne Havenga (Student):

I found this session very informative. Makes a lot of sense. I have been over stimulating my one brain doing reading everyday. I only exercise when I go out to the shops which is bad as this is not everyday.
Thank you for all the lessons to date. I find them very helpful.

Tracey Byfield (Student):

This session was really insightful thankyou so much for sharing. I’m really starting to see the benifits of your teachings.

Elaine Mann (Student):

This session made me cry. some part of me must know it. is true. The “intellectual brain” of me knows what you are saying.

Session 4: What is MIND? Riding the Dragon – 3 Types of Mind!

  • Another amazing revelation this time about your Mind – you have been made to think that everyone has only one type of Mind – wait till you discover 2 more types of Mind – and how to unleash their potential …

  • How the first type of Mind traps you in false and incomplete reality and what type of Mind can free you to experience the TRUTH …

  • What is the difference between Belief and Faith – and how this simple knowledge of the 3 types of Minds can help you overcome dead beliefs and develop conscious faith …Why expressing and repressing both are damaging? And what would be a better way to handle these impressions?

  • How the modern education system destroys our real potential, which is why Einstein and many more successful wise men never were academic heroes of their schools …

  • How the subjective reasoning destroys your Intuition and makes your servant (the mind), your master. A simple practice for opening your Intuition …

Avickraj Bhagwandhin (Student):

thank you kindly. Up to now, I’ve wondered why I battle with mundane thoughts after the bliss of Meditation. thank you kindly for the clarification between the sensual, intermediate and inner mind and which should be leader.

lisa medina la font (Student):

hi, this is lisa, i am dislexic and after this session i realized that my programmed mind has been interfering with my lifes progressing all thees years. I believe now with your continued help in these lessons that I WILL begin to believe in myself, as those around me keep saying to me that i have so much intellegence, i have gone to schools for many years but can’t finish because I HAD BEEN programed to not believe that i could amount to anything. But I have alway wanted to KNOW something, anything, made many attempts to learn, but had someone or something reminding me that I could NOT, I had heard that it was only in my mind but did not know how to get it out, or more inportantly where it was, but now I know where it is, more than half the battle is won, because being aware of your enemy can help keep them at bay. Next I need to remove it, I WILL get there. Thank you so much

jacqueline ebejer (Student):

session 2 was a wonderful feeling after awakening intuition. I felt relaxed and my whole body was left with a slight tingle. My body felt relaxed and smiling from within.
Thankyou to a wonderful teacher xx. love to all xxx

radha narayanan (Student)

3 Types of mind-simply fantastic!!! Dr Jain as always has blown my skull away(literally). the 3 types of mind concept so lucidly explained is now known why meditation, etc,,,never works at all since we have 3 minds to control and a singleton concept will not work at any level.Fantastic this reasoning was what i was looking for and no Guru-teacher etc..could explain why i was not responding to Reiki,pranic healing-since those work on a fully focussed mind not a cluttered mind.What a class it has been.Thanks for this awakening!!!

Bill Hur (Student) 

Hello Everyone,
Have found since doing the mantra at the beginning of the day while the mind is clear and fresh has really awakened my intuition to the fabric of each day. May All be equally Blessed on their Journey ~

Yakov Ben Efraim (Student):

After 11 days of practicing the mantra taught in this session I’ve noticed her impact. The solution of two my problems came to my mind. They came as complete solutions.
With love and peace

Session 5How to Transform anything that bugs YOU  – The Dynamic Meditation
  • What are impressions- positive, negative & neutral. Kleshas as Maharshi Patanjali called them. Here lies the root cause of all our pain, bodily diseases and agitation in our minds.

  • Why a disapproving glance by your spouse, girl friend, mother or even a stranger on the road, angry words from your teacher, father or boss, insulting gestures from a worker, colleague or peer hurt you the most? Learn how to transform these impressions, so that you can transform your life.

  • Why do some of us have so many negative thoughts? Or Anger? Or we are depressed? Discover how to transform negative thoughts.

  • Why expressing and repressing both are damaging? And what would be a better way to handle these impressions?

  • Why so many people around us are living on a short-fuse? How to deal with such people?

  • How to do Dynamic Meditation? How to transform these impressions moment to moment? Or at least transform the day’s impressions or what bugs us on a constant basis that brings stress and upset in our daily lives. And also learn how to select impressions?
  • The secret behind a good night sleep will be revealed here.
  • Transform your fears, learn the magic of Riddikulus. Do it the Harry Potter way…

Ravi ravichandran (Student):

This is the simplest explanation I ever read on transforming thoughts. It is very clear although many others have written on the subject, you really make it simple. Thank you Sir.

Marva Phillips (Student):

I am amzed at the simplicity of being or becoming. Your clear lesson has put me on the path of transformation away from my impression of what I have considered a mystical and complicated rite. It nonetheless requires quiet time awareness and practice. Thank you very much.

Madhav Patwardhan (Student):

This is every effective. In our society there is one member who was tough to handle (as per other members impression). I was carrying same impression till the time I came accross this lesson. I changed the impression by projecting himself as very cooperative and helpfull person. I had word with him and now he has changed himself also.Very effective. With love and peace.

Dulshikha Panditaratne (Student):

Thank You very much for creating such a beautiful place for us !…for making things more understandable than ever before,It really makes a difference to my life, relationships and state of Mind.

Rani Mohinani (Student):

Well the explanation of impressions in the mind and how to transform them is amazinly simplified and explained so well. It makes one understand why there is so much rage in todays world. We all are carrying big baggages with us in our daily life which becomes heavier and heavier everyday if we do not know how to get rid of it through our minds. Thanks a lot for the clarity.

Armando Fernandes (Student):

Thank you Dr Amit,
I am glad I am in the right track, this session has enlighten & encourage me with confidence to spread the same attitude in my day to day life specially with my colleagues.
With Peace & Love

pawan tibrewal (Student):

It is a great teaching and a healthy practice to transform the negative thoughts and ideas into the benefic ones. Expression or repression of negative thoughts or impressions is a great problem which cause physical or psychological disorders, agressions, causing enmity or other negative tendencies. Sir, you are doing a big job by teaching. We all will be greatly benefitted. with regards.

Session 6The Science of Meditation  – The Silence of the Mind!

  • How a calm mind knows everything. How the answers you’re seeking come to a calm mind. Learn how to achieve the PEACE of your mind and activate your consciousness.

  • What is meditation? 

  • Achieve relaxation, peace, stress relief, bliss, ecstasy, samadhi, enlightenment, uncover the unconsciousness, increase intuition, become wise and receive information with Meditation.

  • Discover the Perfection of Wisdom Mantra which leads one to Ecstasy and Samadhi.

  • Experience the illuminating void. The Para-Brahman, the Absolute and unmanifested God. Experience being one with God.

  • Learn How to Solve Your Problems? Get rid of mental contradictions that cause conflicts & frustrations.

Radha narayanan (Student):

Dear Dr Jain!! I am amazed and horrified that this simple basics of meditation are not taught anywhere or even discussed by the so called healers and alike.wonder if they actually know anything more than we do.it was surely an eye opener.Many Thanks.

David Moriarty (Student):

I have been practising the mantras and meditating since we started the course. The knowledge you are sharing is immense. It is helping me to cope with some personal problems I am experiencing presently in my life.
I am very grateful
Thank you very much

victoria binitie (Student):

Good day Yesterday someone at work annoyed me i was in a bad mood and struggled not to react but i remembered silence and insulting words return it back as a gift you do not want. today i feel great i dont have any ill feelings towards the other person
Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I am looking at so many things from a different perspective this calm state of quieting my mind is strange but i know will propel me on a new level of wisdom. Thank you

Paula Monroe (Student):

Wow!!! I loved this session, although this doesn’t mean i’m not enjoying all the other’s on the contrary.
This meditation Ham Sah did give me that feeling of ecstacy, I felt so uptight before after driving long distances over the wknd, it seemed to release all my stiffness in my muscles on my shoulders and around my neck.
Just what I needed!! 🙂
Thanx for all that you are doing, I love learning new things and to be able to put them into practise is even better.
Much Love
Paula Monroe

Ethelyn Davis (Student):

Thank you so much for this session, it reiterates something in me that says I allow myself to feel what I want to and not allow other people’s feeling to form my day or perspective about myself.
Keep up the good work as you are allowing so many of us to be enlightened like never before. Peace and Love Always

Level 2


Oh, man, you do not even know that you are asleep!

And then comes the Awakening. The awakening of what? The consciousness… To know: Who are you? Why are you living? What are you doing on this planet? What is the purpose of your life? What is death? What happens after death? To awaken to the reality of the universe. To awaken to the truth that there is more to this universe than our small wells.

We are asleep even when we are awake. A Buddha is awake! Even when he is sleeping. He has moment to moment consciousness.

Session 1: The Awakening of Consciousness

Session 2: The Law of KARMA  – The Secret of easily getting what you want in life

  • Learn why are you suffering? How do we acquire negative karma?

  • The golden rule of yin-yang. How to apply it to get rid of suffering? How to get what you want in your life?

  • How to undo the negative karma done in the past? How to pay for your karma easily and smartly? How to neutralize negative karma by increasing good deeds?

  • What is “The Multiplier effect” of the Law of Karma? Why is it so important to understand it?

  • Understand your Karmic obligations. Avoid future sufferings. Attract more positivity, happiness, prosperity, wealth and abundance in your life.

  •  What is the secret of the prosperity of world’s richest people?
  • What are the rules of charity? Why ignorance of them leads one to more negative karma?

Marva Phillips (Student):

Enlightening, reinforcing and precise. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Thanks for guidance to be aware of own weaknesses and remedial ways. M K Chopra

ameen akhfash (Student):

its the greatest lesson i have ever learnt in my life ….

Rani Mohinani (Student):

Many Thanks Dr. jain for the lovely explanation of the Law of karma. It has clarified so many issues in my mind. I have to work hard on myself cause I am one of those people who has been asking this question from our Big Father(GOD) WHY ME.
So this session is a big help for me to realise and clarify my issues on Karma.

Session 3: The Personality: False Identity, False Values and False Self Image

Session 4: Habits and How to Change Bad Habits 


Session 5: The MEDITATION for Inner Transformation – The One and Only way to achieve Real and Permanent Peace

  • How to achieve permanent peace? Why we are not at peace?

  • Know about the psychological gymnasiums we are trapped in. Learn how we can take advantage from these psychological gymnasiums. How to train yourself in these psychological gymnasiums?

  • Discover the psychological defects/I’s/egos which are stopping your own growth. How to deal with Anger, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Greed & Pride? Learn how to remove these defects forever

  • Why we need the attitude of a spiritual warrior to achieve moksha/self realization? How to develop it?

  • Uncover the power of Psychological Self-observation.

Megan Rama (Student):

Thank you for this most valuable lesson. I have been very dispondent for a very long time when it came to my moodiness & anger. It’s delightful to know that there is a way out. These dreaded egos have been holding me hostage for what seems like forever. Thank you for this insight. Much appreciated.

Ruben Salangsang (Student):

Sir, St Paul was right when he quoted that we have to die daily or we have to be crucified daily. I think that the Is he is referring in the bible is the monstrous egos that block our true self to achieve total liberation. Sir, thanks for the insight.

Rani Mohinani (Student):

Wish they would introduce this education in school as a subject spiritual growth. Yes we do have a lot of egos in diferent forms hidden which surface in various ways in different situations. Thanks for the info. Will try to be more alert henceforth. Thanks for the explanation.

Session 6: The Real Villains Stopping YOU from Achieving Fast Growth and Success (Resistances & Justifications of the Ego — The Unconscious and Sub-Conscious Defense Mechanisms) 

  • Learn about the defense mechanisms of the ego to save itself from the death. How the ego plays inside us?

  • Understand how some of us use humor as a way to hide aggressive impulses.

  • Find out how defeatist thoughts handicap us from elevating our mechanistic life to superior states.

  • Why we stay trapped in the psychological song that we never have opportunities to change or to triumph?

  • Learn the difference between education and wisdom.

  • How to create your own circumstances by letting go of the defeatist attitude?

Session 7: CORE DECOR  – The Values of the Soul

  • What are the values of the Soul? How we can develop these values in order to crystallize our Soul?

  • What is Human Consciousness? What is Divine Consciousness? What is Group Consciousness?


Session 8: The 8 Majestic Steps of God Yoga – The 8 Yogic Secret Steps To Success & Perfection

Level 3


Transform what Sickens & Fails You

Session 1: CHAKRAS  The Secret Wheels of Life  How to Awaken these Power Centers

  • What is the difference between Bill Gates and a pauper on the street? Although both have the same 2 hands, 2 legs, 1 brain, yet what sets them apart? Or between His Holiness, the Dalai Lama and an ordinary monk?

  • Discover your superior invisible Energy Body which controls and energizes your physical body. The Indian Yogis, the Chinese Taoists, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Kabbalists – the ancient Jews, Polynesian, Greeks, they all knew about this body since 5000 years ago.

  • Unleash the infinite “hidden energies” in and surrounding the human body, scientifically proven, detected and mapped with the advancement of modern technology.

  • Know about the energy centers inside the Energy Body that govern different qualities like leadership, wisdom, love, general physical strength, communication skills, creativity and intelligence.

  • What is the center which govern the income and wealth generation ability?

  • How to activate, energize and develop these energy centers?

Surya Prakash Vijay (Student):

I am interacting with you like a monk does with Dalai Lama. 
I wonder, by the time we assimilate your knwledge, you are ready with next session. GREAT.
I am lucky to have your favour of allowing me to be your student..

sreenivas prabhu (Student) (sreenivas):

while reading these programe i feel that i can re capture the lost ground thankyou very much for confidence showred on me through this progrme once again thanking you

AiLian Quah (Student):

Now I am beginning to understand the meaning of chakras and it’s various functions.
Thank you.

ameen akhfash (Student):

its first time which i notice that we have hidden chakras ….actually valuable 

Mrs.Lakshmi Viswanathan (Student):

I had already read about chakras before. But to know so much about them, how to activate and energise them and keep good health is what I am enjoying  everyday. I dont miss a day.
Thankyou Dr. Jain for the abundant knowledge you give
Thank you again

suraj fernandes (Student):

Respected Dr.Jain,
Whole session was very valuable, informative and useful to born again within us and for transformation. Many thanks for sharing of valuable knowledge with us.
Affectionate Love to you and your GNOSIS team.

kathy hyland (Student):

Dearest Jain,
Again I would like to convey my sincere gratitude for sharing your seemingly endless knowledge with me and the others who are enjoying your course. It will enhance, change my life for the better and hopefully I will be able to extend my experience and knowledge gained to others who come onto my path, that would be my greatest wish that I could make a difference to someone else’s life, enhance it, give them a glimmer of hope, respite from their troubles etc. I think having studied your course, I will be more confident in being able to go ahead with my plans for the future. You will have being a big part in that. I hope to fully study, meditate on your course with great peace and harmony, I send you love and light. Kathy your friend.

Sunirmal Kar (Student):

Dear sir

Yes I was dead, but got alived by your enlighting course for which I would ever remain grateful.NOW i am trying to implement this concepts in my daily life.

Marva Phillips (Student):

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You not only answer my questions but you continue to explain how and why. I feel much better able to move forward.

Pandurang Sulgekar (Student):

Thank you very much Sir, for “ The Pathway to Self Mastery” which I have found pearls of wisdom highlighting in every sphere of life’s problems .

Sreedhar sreekunth (Student):

Dear Dr Amit Jain and Gurus,
Very encouraging and enlightening course.Keep up the selfless work.May the world shine forever with your wisdom beyond the ages.Lots of Thanks.The course also requires lot of dedication and selflessness from the learners.The fruit seems to be-How to redeem your soul.May all the students reach higher levels of evolution.Peace to all.

shailendra dixit (Student):

respected sir,ithas been about two months in your courses. i had been to many spiritual organisations and learnt a lot. but your method is unique and you make very difficult topics easy to comprehend. i am using your life card and white armor card.results are very exciting.

Session 2: The Eightfold Path  – The Ascension of Kundalini  Part 1:The 8 Virtues

  • Discover how Kundalini rises only on the merits of the heart. Discover the 8 virtues of the Kundalini.

  • Understand the harmonious way of looking at life. Learn how to have a harmonious understanding of things and how wrong perception leads to suffering.

  • Know how comprehension is the most elevated form of thinking.

  • Uncover the 4 Nobel Truths which are the foundation of Buddhism.

  • Find what’s behind endless competition, conflict, injustice and oppression. What egos are hidden behind these intentions.

Session 3: The Eightfold Path  – The Ascension of Kundalini  Part 2:The Word

  • Discover the Power of words.

  • Understand whatever you have in your life-love, hate, money or the lack of it, respect or disrespect- everything came to you through the use of words.

  • Learn how with words you can create magic. How they can be used to create the events in your life?

  • What are Negative Emotions? How watching soap operas and emotional dramas can be harmful for you? Identify you own negative emotions.

  • Why should you avoid people who carry negative emotions like virus?

  • How one becomes a Liar. And what is the Karma of a Liar?
  • How to transform these negative emotions? How to close our hearts to negative emotions of others?
  • What is Purity of Speech? Discover how positive emotions lead to Harmonious Speech?

Session 4: The Eightfold Path  – The Ascension of Kundalini  Part 3:Action & Vocation

  • Find how Right Conduct is related to Karma. How wrong conduct brings you bad Karma?

  • What are the consequences of making a living out of something that harms people? What is the destiny of people who deal in weapons, slavery, prostitution, poison, intoxicants etc.?

  • Are you fed up of your job? Understand what is your true calling in life. Do you have a purpose in life? Reflect on this aspect of your life. And learn how to discover your true Vocation

Session 5: The Eightfold Path  – The Ascension of Kundalini  Part 4:Mindfulness & Samadhi

  • Learn how to stop running after the means instead of ends? Discover what is purpose of a human life?

  • Discover Mindfulness. How to be in the here and now and not let the mind float in past or future?

  • Identify how the mind distracts you through the 3 brains. How the ego hypnotizes you?

RAVI TIKKU (Student):

An excellent workshop on how to lead two parallel objectives of Matter and Spirit meaningfully and meeting the twin objectives of human existence. Many thanks – 

Bill Hur (Student):

Wonderful workshop. What we culitivate within, allowing it to blossom, while giving to that around us… begins in our Core.
Thank you for each lesson that may light the essence of our being. Truly wonderful unit. Actually have noticed how each unit has allowed progression in ways had never thought possible until experiencing them here

Thank you ~

Rosemary Williams (Student):

Thank you – This workshop , I feel was meant for me – as God knew that I & my family are going thru tough times now, & of course wondering why is this happening to us! This workshop makes one look at things in a totally different light & help us to move forward in a little bit of a positive frame of mind. Thanks again & God Bless you. 

Christopher Pereira (Student):

Dear Amit Sir,
This workshop is like a torch bearer to me and to all of us students attending this course.
Thank you so much.

Neera Tandan (Student):

A very thought provoking workshop indeed. So much to ponder and take action on, it is not easy but with perseverance one can succeed in becoming a better 

Vickneswary Ramachandran (Student):

Dear Dr Amit,

I would say that this part of the course came in at the right time. Though you have enlightened us on the disintegration of the “I” in other lessons, this 
was even more protruding. I experienced a scenario which churned out some of the hidden defects, that has been lying quietly unnoticed. What I witnessed was the source of the defect that created a chain effect towards few other legions of flaws, that which was earlier assumed to be non-existing anymore. The wisdom came at the right time entailing the defective circumstances which reminds me to self-explore even more.
Thank you, Sir & all the Professors.

Session 6: The Seven Planets of Alchemy  – The Septenary Cycle of Your Life from Birth to Death

  • Discover the septenary cycle of planets that governs our whole life from birth till death.

  • How the knowledge of this cycle can help you take maximum advantage of these cycles through the various stages of your life?

  • Discover at what age, which planet guides us.

  • Why expressing and repressing both are damaging? And what would be a better way to handle these impressions?

  • What is our Cosmic Duty? And how to fulfill our cosmic duty for a harmonious life?


What a revelation. Alchemy is very well explained here. The teachings here would only come from a great teacher, the one who knows everything in all the process of self-realization. The one full of wisdom and enlightenment. Great teachings like these are a product of being immersed into it and can not be discovered with little understanding or without guidance of the Divine Power.

Session 7: Lamasery Exercises – The Secret ‘Fountain of Youth’ Tibetan Rites

  • Uncover the ‘Fountain of Youth’ Tibetan rites– the secret of an ever youthful body.

  • How a British Colonel found this “Fountain of Youth” in Tibet.

  • Why the cult of serpents in so many cultures around the world?

  • Learn the esoteric aspect of these anti-aging rites which helps the spiritual initiate to expedite his/her spiritual growth.

Mrs.Lakshmi Viswanathan (Student):

I have read that Babaji, (the guruji of Lahiri Mahasaya, who inturn is the guru of Sri Yukteswar, who inturn is the guru of Paramahamsa Yogananda) is still living somewhere in the Himalayas. I used to wonder about this and even disbelieve. But now after studying this lesson I have realised it is possible to live for hundreds of years.
Hats off to you for giving this knowledge.

Session 8: The Mysteries of Life and Death

  • Uncover what happens after death. Learn the secret of conversing with the souls of your dead beloveds.

  • Discover the journey of soul after death. The different planets it crosses after death. And understand the learning it gathers there.

  • Understand what is Re-incarnation. And why the Soul wants to return to the planet again. Find out how our Karma decides where we are reborn.

  • Find out how our past life Karma decides if we should be born lucky or born with bad luck.

  • Discover the secret to remembering your Past Lives. Step by step procedure revealed.

  • Learn about the forty-two judges of Karma. And how to communicate with them.
  • Learn how to cancel old debts (negative karma) and avoid grief for ourselves.
  • What are Astral Voyages and how to experience them?

Avickraj Bhagwandhin (Student):

Hi. Thank you for tying up the different soul dimensions for me. It was an invaluable lesson.

Christopher Pereira (Student):

Dear Amit Sir,
The Master sought you and your fraternity to disseminate this Wisdom; with an open heart, you sought us into partaking of this Wisdom; and I now discover that my thirst for more and more Wisdom from the Master is without end.
Thank you

Valentino Contardo (Student):

Dear Dr AMIT, I thenk you very much indid for sharing such a wanderful nollage, the very best in my life,and I’m enjoing very deeply, Ifeel I am bless, and I thenkyou.

Level 4


Transcend your Weaknesses

Session 1: The 12 Eternal Laws of God

Session 2: The Types of Spiritual Schools  – Learn to identify the lower from the higher

  • Why you should know about the four different types of Spiritual schools that exist in this world?

  • Learn to identify the lower from the higher and know the ones that can deliver on your ultimate goal of Self-realization, Moksha.

  • What are kindergarten spiritual schools? What are their merits for the humanity and the pitfalls for a serious spiritual seeker?

  • What makes a school, a school of Black Magic? With so many schools that seem to be whiter than the snow, yet are blacker than coal, how can you recognize the black schools?

  • In the Hindustani tradition, there exist seven great schools of yoga. There is much that is useful in the schools of Yoga and much that is useless. Distinguish between the useful and the useless.

parameswaran tennalapuram (Student):


My humble salutations. I have been practising Yoga including meditations. Still there were conflicts and confusions in certain areas. I am greatful to you for bringing me to this course. You have been doing an excellent work for the really needy. What many Masters are striving to do in their Ashrams, is done nicely by you, in the comfort of our own homes. LOVE.

Valentino Contardo (Student):

Dear Dr AMIT, I enjoy somuch your lessons,  Thank you for shering such a beatiful spiritual knowledge, in every lesson is getting more interesting.
Thenk you so much, much Gratitude.

Rosemary Williams (Student):

This is very intersting I never realised that there were so many schools of “yoga”. Thank you
God Bless & Love

Ravindran Pillai (Student):

Dear Amitji,
I am really amazed and blessed with the depth of spiritual knowledge that is available to me through “GNOSIS” the pathway to self mastery. My life has taken such wonderful turn by joining this progamme that I am addicted to reading these lessons repeatedly without feeling monotonous and boring. Every reading brings newer insights.
I once again thank you for bringing this to us. This would not have been possible without your love for humanity.

Session 3 : The Aquarian Era

Session 4 : CosmoGenesis: The 7 Races and Sub-Races

Session 5 : The Endangering TRUTH:: Global Warming, End of Time Prophecies and the 13th Katun of the Mayan Calendar

Session 6: The Knowledge of Oneself

  • Discover what is Spiritual Restlessness.

  • Understand your Anger and disintegrate it through deep comprehension.

  • How to permanently get rid of the ego of jealousy?

  • Understand how we are trapped in the Law of Recurrence. Identify the patterns repeating in your life and break them by understanding them deeply.

  • Get to know why it is important to be aware? Why Self Knowledge is important? Learn how not to get identified with others and forget your real self.

  • Learn how to stop worrying. Master yourself by knowing yourself.
  • How to take advantage of the unpleasant circumstances of our life? How to make the most of them? What is good about suffering?

Session 7: The Hidden Face of Our Psychological Moon

  • Discover the invisible face we all have that we are not aware of?

  • Understand why some particular type of people annoy us so much? Why we find some people very irritating?

  • How do we unconsciously project our own defects on others?

  • How envy has become the axis of civilization.

  • How to illuminate this hidden side of ours? How to self-explore and self-observe our hidden face.

Level 5


Resurrect Your Soul like a Phoenix

Session 1: GNOSIS  – The Pathway To Self Mastery

Session 2: The Magic of Runes  – The Judo of the Spirit

  • Discover the esoteric exercises of Runes that awakens the consciousness.

  • Experience the Judo of the Spirit which can produce marvellous changes in your interior.

Session 3: The Mind and the Mental Representations

Session 4 : Clairvoyance – Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition

Session 5: The Transvaluation  – Revaluating our values

  • Learn about the three kinds of Love- Sexual Love, Emotional Love & Conscious Love. Discover why we should develop Conscious Love for our fellow beings.

  • How Superiority is an obstacle in awakening? How to develop Tolerance?

  • Understand why there’s a need of Transvaluation in your life? What are the obstacles we have to overcome to advance on the Spiritual Path?

  • Identify the social and economic interests that keep you from progressing in the Esoteric Work.

  • What is Buddhist Annihilation? How to attain Nirvana? Find why it is important to eliminate the ego.

Session 6: The Spiritual Warrior :: Spiritual Kung Fu for the Psychological Gymnasiums of Life

Level 6


Be ye Perfect as Your God in Heaven

Session 1: Life, Death and The Two Paths To Liberation

  • Why do we exist? What for?

  • Is death an end? Where do we go after death? What exactly happens to us when we die?

  • Discover the three paths that the soul of the deceased person can choose from.

  • How to avoid the unimaginable torments of the “second death” that Jesus Christ mentioned.How the subjective reasoning destroys your Intuition and makes your servant (the mind), your master. A simple practice for opening your Intuition …

  • Discover the two ways to achieve liberation, the two paths to liberate ourselves from this valley of Samsara, from these endless cycles of death and birth.
  • Learn about the secret path, the Pathway to Self Mastery, that takes us to Self Realization, transforming us into a Mahatma, a God.
  • What are the four stages that a spiritual initiate has to cross in order to achieve Mastery, to become a Dhyani-Choan, a Kumara.

Linda Nelson (Student):

This session reinforces the need to examine our life every day, as what we do and how we conduct our life has an impact on our inevitable transition from this life. Thank you for a deep and profound discourse.

Vickneswary Ramachandran (Student):

Namaste to you Dr Amit and all,
Thank you for the information shared here. Well, this is a deeper layer of the lessons shared earlier that emphasizes the need for an individual to 
seriously contemplate on choosing the path and also the need to instill the effort to achieve the self-realization cum liberation. A lesson that reminds us 
there’s no room to waste time anymore, as there are so many inhuman manners to annihilate and to cultivate the virtues. I should also say that, I was enthralled to know about the “Closing Womb”. Love n prayers to all.

Valentino Contardo (Student):

Dear Dr Amit J
Thank you indeed for all the beautiful lessons, I’m so happy to be part of this course, to learn this beautiful nollage that I never came across in my life, 
I am inproving every day wit this nollege and very motivated.
Thanking You so much

Betty Iser (Student):

It is through such sessions that we are reminded of our purpose on earth & also that it is by keeping on the straight & narrow path in life will we attain 
happiness both here & in the next.

Session 2: The Dreams and the Astral Splitting

Session 3: Klipoth:: The Nine Dantesc Circles

Session 4: The Spiritual Warrior and 3 Brains, 5 Centers and their Balance

Session 5: Kabbalah:: The Spiritual Essence of Man. The Tree of Life
                   Advanced Chakra Meditation – Lord’s Prayer 

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