POWER comes from three sources:

1. Position
2. Outer Resources: Money, People, Properties
3. Inner Resources: Character, Knowledge, Purity, Thought, Word

Inner Revolution


Those in power mostly ignore and oppress the weak and poor.
But the enemy is not outside, the enemy is within.
Are you sure, when you will be in power, you would share it equally and fairly with others?

When India was under the British rule, the ruling class was oppressing the weak and poor people. The rich and powerful Indians didn’t suffer much. It’s a truth you have to digest. And now when there is self-rule in India, supposed to be a free country, still the rich and powerful are oppressing the weak and poor. And it’s not confined to developing world alone, weak and poor face almost the same pain and suffering in all countries including America & Europe.

What does it mean? It means that there will always be inequality. The wise, the rich and the powerful will always rule the weaker. That is the law of the cosmos. You or I cannot change that. But yes, you can learn to overcome the weakness, the poverty and the lack of wisdom.


But to overcome the outer poverty and the outer weaknesses, you have to first overcome the inner poverty and the inner weaknesses. You have to rise above the ordinariness. You have to rise above the common. You have to rise above the victim-hood mentality and create your own future. Become the master of your own destiny.

True Wealth


Whether you are poor or rich, male or female, young or not so young, upper caste or lower caste, majority or minority, educated or uneducated, employed or unemployed, white or black;
One freedom nobody can take away from you, your choice to be yourself. They can crush the outer revolutions, but nobody can crush your right to make an Inner Revolution.
One wealth nobody can take away from you, your inner wealth.

True Freedom


The circumstances can be adverse, the outer resources can be scarce, but no one can stop you from growing your Inner Resources.
On one plane nobody can stop you from growing, the vertical plane. A plane where you are not valued for what you have, but for what you are.
Come, join us, to know more about the vertical plane, about your inner wealth, about a place where all have equal freedom to grow and prosper – NIRVANA.
If you are feeling crushed by your outer circumstances – by outer poverty, unemployment, family, society or authorities; do not make a suicide, make an Inner Revolution.


Join GOD YOGA today.

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