Do you do things that surprise you? That disappoint you? That you wish you hadn’t?
Are you always the person you wish you could be?

Do you know exactly who you are?
Do you know just what you would do in any given circumstance?
Do you always act consistently with your beliefs?

The truth is we do not know ourselves. We do not act as we think we might. We are often not the person we pretend to be, or want to be.

You realise that much of what you have regarded as wisdom all these years was just other people quoting other people – people making their best educated guesses.

Most people often assemble the evidence after their conclusions, not before them. Or to say it plainly, most people first jump to conclusions and then justify what they have concluded refusing to acknowledge tons of evidence against their conclusions.

Most people are a puzzle even to themselves, but sadly, they keep busying themselves in outer things and people, never spending time and energies in solving their inner puzzle.

Most people yield to short term pleasures and idiosyncrasies, reason emotionally, act on impulses, outside influences, and false gurus without much regard to their long term interests.

As they age, even their sense of wonder is lost. And what remains is bitterness and gnawing loneliness.

Life is not a quest for accumulation & survival, nor a struggle for existence. Life is a quest for wisdom, happiness and fulfilment. Life is a quest for freedom, for Nirvana. What is your life quest?

What’s interesting is that with just 3 small changes in your attitude towards your life:

  • From a quest for accumulation to a quest for wisdom – you will become a philosopher, a lover of wisdom.
  • From a fight for survival to a quest for Amrita – you will become an alchemist, an immortal.
  • From a struggle for existence to a quest for making a difference – you will become a philanthropist, a net giver.

Wow!!! Let’s change our attitude today!

With just these 3 shifts in your attitude towards your life, you can change its direction.

And when you change the direction of your life rocket, you change where it’s going to land. Not to hell. To Nirvana….Adios ‘Mrityu Lok – Death Land’, adios pain & suffering. Hello eternal life, eternal peace and eternal happiness.

Join “GOD YOGA” today.

To your eternal life, happiness and peaceā€¦.

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