Feed The Poor


More than 300 million Indians suffer from hunger & malnutrition


We haves of the planet keep on saving for our imaginary tomorrow’s when the have-nots are dying of hunger today. If you feed the poor today the Lord will take care of your tomorrow needs.


Our Mission

Feeding the poor one Bhandara/Langar (Food Preparation & FREE Distribution Street Kiosk) at a time


Our Vision

A Hunger Free India


Do you know India has 1/3rd of Global Poor?

If poverty line is taken as per the new global standard of $5.5 PPP(Purchasing Power Parity) than 87% of Indians are poor?

That means if your income is more than ₹12000 a month in India, you are among the top fortunate 13%.

Do you still want to worry and feel insecure about your future?

Next time when you are sulking for not having enough, or not having the latest iPhone or the latest luxury car, kindly remind yourself that some in India are sleeping with an empty stomach.

But only feeling bad for the poor and hungry won’t put any food in their empty stomach.

Let’s connect, cooperate and contribute at least one meal to a few poor and hungry brethren of ours in India. (Yes, our priority and main focus is on the 5th level, to feed hungry minds and souls. But we do our bit to feed the hungry bodies too.)


The Art and Science of Karmic Retribution 

The more poor and hungry the beneficiary, the more number of beneficiaries we serve, the greater is the prosperity karma we receive as karmic retribution.

That is why we serve tasty but basic staple food of 4 pooris with aloo tamatar bhajji per poor person so that we can feed more hungry and poor people with the same amount of money. Our endeavour is to organise the Bhandaras in those places where the beneficiaries are really poor and hungry.

That is why we have been organising our monthly Bhandaras in Naraina Loha Mandi (Iron Market) area, Delhi for the past few months. Once we tried in Tilak Nagar area, but we didn’t get as many poor beneficiaries as we used to get in the Naraina Loha Mandi area. So we have shifted again to Naraina Loha Mandi area.

Till now, we have been only able to hold one Bhandara every month, but with your support, we are sure shortly we would be able to hold more Bhandaras every month.

As of now, we are working on zero administrative expenses, zero salary expenses, zero fund-raising expenses and zero overheads.
What this means is that whatever you donate goes directly into feeding the poor. As you know, big NGOs have big administrative, salary, fund-raising and overhead expenses which are naturally taken from donations received. This cannot be avoided by the nature of these NGOs. This results in lessening your donations actual value received to the beneficiaries.

But CFEL being a volunteer administered spiritual organization, we have no such overheads. Thanks to our gracious volunteers, whatever you donate goes directly to the beneficiaries.


Bhandara Economics 

One Bhandara costs us approx. ₹19,000/-. One Bhandara feeds approx. 1600 poor people – 4 pooris with aloo tamatar bhajji.
This cost includes wheat flour, potato, tomato, garnishes, spices, oil, hiring of utensils and other tent materials from the tent renting company, cook and his helpers’ contractual charges, 2 gas cylinders filling charges and serving plates.

अन्नदान महादान: “एक वक़्त की रोटी” 

Give a poor a one time meal

A contribution of just Rs.1200 will make sure 100 poor and hungry people get a one time meal. Donate NOW!

Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Bhandara fund-raisers
  2. Bhandara volunteers
  3. Bhandara organisers





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