In spite of all the work and dollars poured into solving both global and community problems (e.g. poverty, unemployment, drug use, terrorism, immigration issues, global warming, etc.), those problems still persist. Any wise person can see that the next problem-solving effort in the war on poverty, the war on unemployment, the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on illegal immigration, or the war on global warming cannot succeed, regardless of what such efforts include, who creates them, how well they are funded, and how much support they have. 

Why? You ask!

Because, by narrowly focusing on the symptoms, staring at each problem individually with little attention to the underlying causes, human problems would never be eradicated. 

Consider the phrase “Human Nature“.

Do we invoke that phrase when we are talking glowingly about our brethren?


We use the phrase to focus on our greed, our fear, our selfishness all the things we dislike about being members of this species.

In reality, though, virtually every one of the traits we “chalk up to human nature” is not what distinguishes us as humans at all. 

Those so called “human nature” traits are those we share with many, if not all, animals.

When animals feel threatened, their immediate choices are either to run away or to fight back.

That is not human nature.

That is our “animal nature“.

It’s animal nature to steal, kill, cheat, and deceive.

It’s animal nature to be greedy, fearful, thinking of own survival above all else.

Animals compete, they are violent. 

And this “animal nature” is the underlying cause of all human problems.

It’s human to pray, it’s human to bless, it’s human to love and care for each other and the suffering humanity.

The solution to all human problems is to become human again, and to uncover our “Human Nature”.

Whether you are a rich rat or a poor rat, a famous rat or a common rat, a beautiful rat or an ugly rat, a smart rat or a dumb rat, you are still a rat, right?

What good is to be rich, famous, smart or beautiful, if you are still a rat?

Get out of the “Rat Race“, raise yourself and be a human first.

However hard one may try to raise a rat and put it in a clean and beautiful environment, till he is a rat he will curse you and run back to his filth. A rat enjoys his filth. This is a sure shot sign between a rat and a human. A human can never enjoy in filth. A human longs for Nirvana.

Join GOD YOGA now and start on a journey to realize your hidden Human & Divine Potential.

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