The Art and Science of Giving


Most people give everyday, but they either give negative things to the right people or positive things to the wrong people. Thus, karmically they earn no brownie points.

Charity is an art as much as it is a science. A help which does not benefit the recipients is no help at all. 

The 5 Levels of Charity


One can give money, time, knowledge, skills and energy for the following 5 Levels, from lower to higher:

1. Physical Help: Helping others through donating food, clothes, shelter, medical-aid, taking care of the sick and elderly, etc.

2. Professional/Competence Help: Helping others improve their knowledge and skills, including literacy drives, etc.

3. Emotional & Intellectual Help: Giving motivation and inspiration to people in despair, giving good advice, attitude counselling, etc.

4. Energetic Help: Praying for and blessing others, energetic healing, peace chains, etc.

5. Spiritual Help: Giving spiritual knowledge and helping in others’ spiritual growth and awakening. This is the highest help one can give to another.

CFEL’s Philosophy Of True Help


There are 3 very important principles of Charity:

1. Level, Amount And For How Long The Help Is Given

The higher the level of help, the more valuable it is. The karmic retribution one receives will depend on the level of help, the amount of help given (how many people are affected by the help) and how deep and for how long that help is going to benefit the beneficiaries.

Spiritual help is of the highest because the soul and spirit never die. This help is something that will perpetuate and benefit the beneficiaries for lifetimes. Energetic help also is very powerful and helps the beneficiary on many levels. Physical help like food given may just fulfil the beneficiary for a day, but the competence, emotional, mental and energetic help will help them stand on their own feet, earn for themselves for life and move ahead in life. The emotionally and mentally depressed person is like a dead person even if he is well fed. If you lift someone up from their emotional and mental drudgery, that person can live a much better life, contribute to the society in a better way and may in turn help others. 

2. To Whom The Help Is Given

As popularly it is believed that one should give to the needy, but the law says one should first give to the people owed whether they need it or not. One should follow Swa-dharma first and then if one has more to give, one can give to the needy. For example, we owe to our parents for physical help. And we owe to our guru for spiritual help. One of my gurus used to say that even in many lives one is not able to repay one true guru’s debt.  

3. The Intention With Which The Help Is Given And The Consequences Near And Far Of The Help Given On The Recipients

Another myth is that with what intention the help was given is the only important thing. But that is not true. The consequences of the help given are much more important than the intention. The consequences near and far. That is why “Giving” is an art and a science. 

The 5 Levels of Negative Karma


Along with the 5 levels of Charity, you should know the following 5 Levels of Negative Karma to be avoided, from lower to higher:

1. Physical Harm: The negative karma here would be to harm others physically or their properties in any way.

2. Professional Harm: The negative karma here would be to harm others professionally in any way.

3. Emotional & Mental Harm: The negative karma here would be to to harm others emotionally or mentally in any way. To give wrong advice, to harbour and project negative emotions, thoughts and ill-will at others. It is a much more grave karma than stealing someone’s bread and butter. By hurting someone physically your attack hurts only for a limited time. But by hurting someone emotionally or mentally you scar him for life. The victim will not be able to grow fully, may not be able to earn his living well, and in turn will harm many others. When you hurt someone emotionally or mentally, that psychic attack will hurt even his soul. 

4. Energetic Harm: The negative karma here would be to to harm others energetically in any way. To curse others or pray against them, and any form of black magic done against others.

5. Spiritual Harm: The negative karma here would be to harm others spiritually and hamper their spiritual growth in any way.

The negative karma includes stealing and not paying your debts on time.

Never gloat. The charity should always be done in secret. Or you will not get any karmic retribution.

Another very important principle is that the gravity of karmic retribution you receive increases exponentially the more spiritually advanced your victim is. That is why you should never harbour or project any negative emotion, thought or ill-will towards your teachers and guru.

The Multiplier Effect

The Law of Karma says: “Whatever you give comes back to you many, many times.” When a farmer sows one seed, he does not reap just one seed. He reaps many. If you sow a mango seed, that one seed will grow into a tree and keep on giving many many mangoes for many many years. This is called the multiplier effect of the Law of Karma. This is the secret of prosperity.  

You want money, sow money. TITHE. Give one tenth of your income to charity. This will act like a seed and the guru can bless this seed so that this seed becomes a money giving tree for you and your family. This is the only way to develop prosperity karma. 

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet did’t get rich just like that. They had sown seeds of prosperity in their past lives. Even in this life, they have donated a major amount of their wealth to charity. If you want to be rich and prosperous, learn from them. 

When you are tithing, two things are of utmost importance. One is that the amount doesn’t matter. It’s the percentage of your income that matters. Someone earns a hundred rupees and tithes ten rupees. Another person earns ten thousand rupees and gives hundred rupees. That ten rupees is a much bigger donation that hundred rupees. In time, the first donor if he continues tithing 10%, he will outgrow the second one financially.

Secondly, whom to give? For example, if you are taking knowledge, counselling, energy and blessings from one guru; but you tithe to someone else. Will this generate any prosperity karma for you? No. So you give to whom it is owed.

It’s in giving that you receive.



Make A Real Difference : CFEL’s Initiatives

At CFEL, we make a real difference in people’s lives by offering help from the highest level to the lowest level – Spiritual to Physical.

Here are some of the many CFEL Initiatives:

1. GOD YOGA – The highest Spiritual Help

2. Spiritual Retreats

3. Enlightened Living Festival

4. Global Peace Project: Ten Million Praying Hearts for Peace

5. Annapoorna: Feed The Poor

6. iRevolt

7. Sammaan

8. Enlightened School

9. Ladies Zen

10. Zen 60


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